Shift Summary for Owl 1/24/00

Subject: Shift Summary for Owl 1/24/00
From: Vivian O'Dell (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2000 - 15:39:17 CST

              Shift Summary for owl shift, 24/Jan/99

On Shift: A. Bellavance (Walk-thru)

Hours of beam delivered at all intensities: 0 as expected
Description of Shift:

time comment
02:00 Arrive at a quiet hall. Do gas checklist. Everything seems
          fine. There is an unusual light blinking on the south alarm
          panel: "Supply Fan SF-102 off". 20 minutes later it is no
          longer blinking. Must have corrected itself.

05:15 Another peaceful walk-thru (included downstairs this time). I
          notice the processes on atev1 have not updated since 11am
          yesterday. I kill both the chamber HV current window and the
          large DC/TRD window hoping they will re-start themselves. The
          DC current plot restarts; the other one doesn't. Do an SDAQ
          fresh_start. The large DC/TRD window comes back but isn't
          updating. Ah, it's complaining about no spill signal. Guess I
          should have just left it alone.

Items to Follow up on Next Shift

-The DC high voltages look like they are still on. Should they be off?

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