Shift Summary: 01/01/00 Owl Shift

Subject: Shift Summary: 01/01/00 Owl Shift
From: Vivian O'Dell (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 16:25:43 CST

             Shift Summary for owl shift, 01/01/00

On Shift: J. LaDue

        01:45 Braving raining fire and horse-riding demons, Jason arrives
              for the first shift of the new Millennium. So, begins

        04:30 Gas Checklist is done. I had to dodge some airplanes falling
              out of the sky, but I got it finished none-the-less.

        05:45 Second Walk-through completed. Despite the grave oversight of
              not testing for Y2K compatibility, the muon steel and CsI
              crystals seem to be fine.

        06:00 CsI sector 8 takes a dive, the SDAQ says that the 6 volt
              supply is only providing 2.278V. There is also a hole in
              the Laser Illumination plot and the Pipeline won't reset.

        06:15 BobT, sounding very tired tells Jason to power off all of
              sector 8. If triggers are urgently needed then you must
              page BobT, until he replaces the supply we are without DA.

        06:30 Decide to leave. The invading alien overlords will make
              Kaon experiments even hard to run. HAIL KODOS, DESTROYER OF
              PUNY HUMANS!


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