Shift summary evening 20 Nov. 1999

Nickolas Solomey (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:51:56 -0600

2:30 Nick arrived on shift and let Erik go early because I owed
him an hour of shift coverage.
2:45 Bob T and Ed make access to fix a Ped Drift in CsI channel 335.
3:15 Coffee pot spills over burning coffee, Jason Ladue goes into
panic thinking his fastbus cards were burning, after giving
him reassurances that everything was fine he relaxed from his
excited state.
3:25 Run 15256 started, just a cosmic run, no tape writing.
3:45 KTeV3 has died, opened its box and had a strong smell of
burned electronic parts and a hazzy type of thin smoke.
4:10 The backplane of ktev3 is now much cooler, its vent was
clogged with dust, actually all the computers are clogged
with dust, we might want to consider vacuuming these vents
the next time the computers get shut off.
4:45 Dwayne SGI called, they wanted to know if they had to fix it
today we told them yes it is a 24x7 call since it is an online
system, after which they replied that they are on their way!
4:55 Richard from SGI called, said he will be at the KTeV hall
in about an hour, ~6pm.
6:00 Wah, Sami, and visitor Anatolie (ITEP) go down to tour KTeV
6:30 Richard of SGI arrived, put in new powersupply to ktev3 and
it did not work, swapped the powersupply with ktev4 and then
ktev3 came up. So now he is off looking for a another new
power supply.
6:50 SGI returns with another power supply, and get ktev4 up and
running fine.
7:04 Cosmic run 15258 started.
7:15 Slow DAQ restarted.
7:25 Slow DAQ seems to be up and running.

22:00 Labelled tapes.

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