Shift Summary for Eve shift, 12/09/99

Sydney A. Taegar (
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 23:33:19 -0700 (MST)

Shift Summary for Eve shift, 12/09/99

On Shift: R. Pordes (first half), S. Taegar (second half)

Overview of shift:

Continuation of TeV downtime for magnet repairs.
Vacuum pumpdown begins in anticipation of beam on Sunday.
That's all....

Well, ok, if you MUST know all the sordid details,

16:00 C02 dewar empty. DN switches source back to
bottle inside gas shed. New dewar should
arrive next week.

17:40 DJ starts pumping down the vacuum system,
posts strict instructions that no one may
enter hall before 02:30.

20:00 ST shows up heartbroken after losing to
Green team by one point in overtime.
RP does gas check list, leaves ST to
wallow in misery alone.

20:35 DJ checks in on vacuum pumpdown,
opens diffusion pump valves.
Everything seems to be going fine.

Oh, yeah, in spite of BT's best efforts at sabotage,
JS's trigger 1 skim reaches halfway mark.