Shiftsum for EVE 9/12/99

Richard Ford (
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 00:09:55 -0500 (CDT)

Shift Summary for Evening Shift, 09/12/99

On Shift: Julie Whitmore, Rick Ford

Hours of beam available at all intensities: 8.5
Hours of beam available at nominal intensity: 8.5
Hours of E832 data (special runs not included): 8.5
Hours of special runs (laser scans, muon runs...): 0.00

Accounting of lost time:


Runs ended this shift: None

Tapes brought to FCC this shift: None


Accesses during shift: none


Overview of shift: 832 data taking at 4.0 E12

Possibly the smoothest running shift ever.
The accelerator missed 2 spills. We lost 1 spill
to a kfrend and 1 spill to reload ET

Description of Shift:

run spill time comment
14509 84 15:30 Inherit Smooooth running run at shift change.

119 16:20 Missing stripe in HCC illum.; Reload ET

16:30 Earl updated all the E799 epicure magnet scripts

155 17:09 SDAQ CAMAC alarm crate 23 rack 41, initial error 8
DTM front panel switch is on "tracking". Shift crew
makes alarm go away by scratching its head
and staring at the screen for 3 min.

175 17:35 Same error as above again, this time in conjunction
an SDAQ error "KTSAD.EXE is not running in ATEV2"
Paged Ashkan, but errors disappear. Ashkan returns
the page later to inform us that this process
auto restarts

208 18:20 DAQ_DEAD error. Off by 2.7 sec

242 19:10 Stripe missing in HCC illum. same set as above.
Reload ET

320 20:20 TIME TO PANIC. Channel 1452 has a 30% laser RMS.
Cleared after 1 spill.

322 20:24 Julie fixes coffee grinder

463 24:00 Shift ends.

Follow up Notes on Previous Shift

Items to Follow up on Next Shift

No muon run needed tonight.

If humidity alarms go off (humidity above 10% in the blockhouse)
call Leonard Nelson. His home number is 630-231-1416; pager