DC gas checklist

Hogan Nguyen (hogann@fnal.gov)
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 11:09:00 -0500


Currently, the chamber gas duties require only that the shiftees fill out
the gas checklist. The shiftees have also been quite alert in noticing
when we are low on gas. However, we apologize for the needless confusion
about what to do when gas runs out and the helium tube numbering scheme.

Dave Northacker is our current designate to open new helium tanks, to
change gas bottles, and to refill the alcohol bubbler. The current
ArEthane gas bottle changing scheme is much more complicated. So, for the
moment, we prefer that a DC group person perform this duty.

We try to anticipate when gas runs out, but this is not always accurate.
So please continue to watch the gas bottle pressures carefully.

Very soon, there will be an improved checklist. In the meantime, if there
are questions, don't hesitate to page Dave Northacker at 708-440-7298 or
the DC group on-call person listed on the control room white board.