Shift Summary for Evening shift, 05/29/97

Jason LaDue (
Sat, 29 May 1999 23:11:24 -0600 (MDT)

Shift Summary for Evening shift, 05/29/97

On Shift:
Jason LaDue
Sydney Taegar

Other People Present: Ed Blucher, Rick Kessler, Val Prasad, Jason Hamm,
Theo, Sasha Glazov, Valeri Jejer, Arun, Elizabeth Turner, Rick Tesarek,
Jim Hirschauer, Jianbo Wang

Hours of beam delivered at all intensities: 2.0
Hours of beam delivered at nominal intensity: 0
Hours of E799 data (special runs not included): 0
Hours of special runs (laser scans, muon runs...): 1.5

Accounting of lost time:

Fresh Starting and waiting for Beam.
The Tevatron did not recieve an abort with a Quench.
NM2EU trips three while trying to get hadrons.

Runs ended this shift:
13226 - BEAM_832_ECAL, Some muons
13227 - MUON_4E11, few muons
13228 - BEAM_832_ECAL, some muons
13230 - BEAM_832_ECAL

Tapes brought to FCC this shift: 0

Accesses during shift: None

Description of Shift:

15:40 VV' HV changed.
16:30 Search and Secure finished, we are interlocked.
17:20 ktevana v5.0 is remade with new DC Z position in YTF.
17:25 Run Control updated to V3.10
17:30 First Muons of the shift start coming.
18:00 NM4 is turned on.
18:40 NM2EU trips while trying to get hadrons.
19:45 No Beam in the SY while looking at ABORT problem.
21:15 FPESYN code is modified to work on half a crate at a time.
21:55 HV for HA counters is adjusted.
22:00 Muons start again, start run 13230 in hope of hadrons.
23:02 NM2EU trips again, now there is an expert

run spill time comment
13221 15:17 Run stopped
13227 17:40 Run started
13228 18:10 Run started
13230 22:00 Run started