5/26/99 day shift summary

Angela Bellavance (bellavan@rice.edu)
Wed, 26 May 1999 15:35:16 -0500 (CDT)

Shift Summary for day shift, 05/26/99

On Shift: Angela B.
Wah (supposed to be but not)

Others present: RickK, Julie, JasonH, Sydney, Doug, Hogan, JasonL,
Valeri, SashaG, Ed, Jianbo, Elizabeth, Patty, Miguel

Hours of beam: 0
Hours of special runs: 2.5 (cosmics)

Accounting of lost time: debugging high rate errors in DA, CsI work

Runs ended this shift: a bunch

Tapes brought to FCC: 0

Accesses during shift: Open access

Description of shift:

time comment
~8:00 DYC-Busy error pops up. KFREND fixes it.
8:30 In an animalistic frenzy, RickK rips the handle off the main KTeV
hall door. Leonard has been paged and e-mailed. RickK has been
9:10 email Theo asking about red buttons on SDAQ.
Epicure (b/c no beam), OnSplit (known bug) and VolMon1
(DC_THRE error) can be ignored for now.
All others should be believed and acted upon.
9:12 Rick stops cosmic run to debug a high-rate error problem in the DA
10:20 Did gas checklist.
10:30 Wah calls and apologizes for not realizing he was on shift today.
He is working at UChicago and will come in if there is a need and
we call him.
~13:00 Start a "long" high rate run w/ laser, chambers, cosmics,
etc. in readout (still debugging)
14:00 Leonard stops by. A work order has been placed to fix the door
handle. If it's not done by tomorrow, let him know.
14:50 JasonL adds a crate to the readout. If stream 6 starts to give
errors, mention it to him.
15:20 Julie discovers 16 bad verifies on the HA HV. RickT is
15:35 Hand off to JasonH.

Note to all:

If you've left any kind of notes or papers in the counting room, I've
collected a bunch of them into a pile on the big table. Whatever is not
claimed by the next time I'm on shift (a week from Friday, owl) will get
dumped into the recycle bin.

Also I'm glad I don't drink coffee, because someone is growing a biology
experiment in the pot...

- Angela

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