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KTeV PhD theses

Updated November 26, 2009.

Notes to KTeV students

If you have written your PhD thesis, please notify Taku. Also, please submit your thesis to Fermilab Inforamtion Services at http://http://lss.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/getnumber.pl.

  1. Search for the Rare Decay KL-> pi0pi0mu+mu-
    by David Graham Phillips, University of Virginia, May 2009.
    (PDF, 1.8MB)
  2. Measurements of Direct CP Violation, CPT Symmetry, and Other Parameters in the Neutral Kaon System
    by Elizabeth Turner Worcester, University of Chicago, December 2007.
    (PDF, 2.3MB), (PS, 5.6MB)
  3. A Search for Direct CP Violation in the Decay KL->pi+pi-gamma
    by Michael Christopher Ronquest, University of Virginia, December 2007.
  4. Study of the Rare Decay KL->pi0gamma gamma at KTeV
    by Jianbo Wang, University of Arizona, August 2007.
    (PDF, 3MB)
  5. A Measurement of the Branching Ratio of the pi0 Dalitz Decay Using KL->3 pi0 Decays from KTeV
    by Erin E. Abouzaid, University of Chicago, August, 2007.
    (PDF, 3.4MB)
  6. Study of the Decay KL->pi+-e-+nu e+e- to Probe the Semileptonic K-pi Structure
    by Katsushige Kotera, Osaka University, September, 2006.
    (PDF, 10.8MB)
  7. "Search for the Rare Decay KL->pi0pi0gamma"
    by David Edward Smith, University of Virginia, August, 2006.
    (PS, 21.4MB)
  8. "Measuring the Branching Ratio of the Rare Decay pi0->e+e-"
    by Rune Niclasen, University of Colorado, February 2006.
    (PDF, 7.2MB)
  9. "Uma Investigacao Sobre o Decaimento Cascade0-> Sigma+mu-numu e a sua Observacao" (An investigation of the Decay Cascade0-> Sigma+mu-numu and its Observation) (written in Portogese)
    by Ricardo Avelino Gomes, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, July 2005.
    (PS, 7.8MB), (PDF, 24.6MB)
  10. "The Observation of the Weak Radiative Hyperon Decay Cascade0->Lambda pi0gamma at KTeV/E799, Fermilab"
    by Huican Ping, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2005.
    PDF file (2.1MB), PS file (3.1MB)
  11. "Measurements of CP Violation and K0 Charge Radius using KL->pi+pi-e+e- Decays"
    by Alexander Golossanov, University of Virginia, May 2005.
    PDF file(1.7MB)
  12. "The Search for the Emission of a CP-Violating E1 Photon in the KL->pi+pi-gamma Decay
    by John Shields, University of Virginia, 2005.
    PS file(7.2MB), PDF file(1.5MB; recompiled)
  13. "A Study of the Decay pi0->e+e-e+e- Using KL->pi0pi0pi0 Decays in Flight"
    by Patrick Alan Toale, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2004.
    PDF file (1.6MB), PS file (4.2MB)
  14. "A Precision Measurement of the Charge Asymmetry of Semi-Leptonic Kaon Decays behind a Regenerator at KTeV"
    by G. Colin Bown, University of Chicago, May 2004.
    PDF file (1MB), (defense transparencies (2.2MB))
  15. "Understanding Dalitz Decays of the KL, in particular the decays of KL-> e+e-gamma and KL-> e+e-e+e-"
    by Jason LaDue, University of Colorado - Boulder, May 2003.
    PS file (15.7MB), PDF file (10.9MB)
  16. "Search for the Decay KL->pi0e+e-"
    by Nancy Jin-Jin Lai, The University of Chicago, March 2003.
    ps file (2.1MB), pdf file (1.2MB)
  17. "Search for the Lepton-Flavor-Number Violating Decay KL-> pi0 mu e in the Full E799II KTeV Data Set"
    by Angela M. Bellavance, Rice University, November 2002.
    ps file (20.1MB), pdf file (7.5MB), (double space ps file (20.1MB))
  18. "Study of the Rare Decay KL-> e+e-mu+mu-"
    by Jason C. Hamm, The University of Arizona, August 2002.
    ps file (7.9MB), pdf file (2.5MB)
  19. "Measurements of Direct CP-Violation and CPT-Invariance in the Neutral Kaon System"
    by Valmiki Prasad, University of Chicago, June 2002.
    ps file (9.8Mb)
  20. "Measurements of the Direct CP-Violating Parameter Re(epsilon'/epsilon) and the Kaon Sector Parameters Delta m, tau_s, and phi+-"
    by James A. Graham, University of Chicago, December 2001.
    ps file (5.1Mb), pdf file (9.8Mb)
  21. "Measurement of the Dalitz Parameters in KL -> pi+ pi- pi0 Decays"
    by Miguel A. Barrio, University of Chicago, December 2001.
    ps file (4.5Mb), pdf file (2.3Mb)
  22. "Measurement of Neutral Kaon Decays to Two Electron-Positron Pairs"
    by Eva Halkiadak, Rutgers Univ., May, 2001.
    ps file (4Mb), pdf file (1.7Mb)
  23. "First Measurement of Form Factors of the Beta Decay of the Neutral Xi Hyperon"
    by Steve Bright, University of Chicago, Mar. 2000
    PS file, (7.5Mb)
  24. "A Measurement of the Branching Ratio and Form Factor of KL->mu+mu-gamma"
    by Breese Quinn, University of Chicago, June 2000
    PS file, (4.1Mb)
  25. "Search for the Decay KL to pi0 e+ e- and Study of the Decay KL to e+ e- gamma gamma"
    by Peter Mikelsons, Colorado Univ., Dec. 1999.
    ps file (8.8Mb), pdf file (7.2Mb)
  26. "CP Asymmetry in the Decay KL-> pi+pi-e+e-"
    by Katsumi Senyo, Osaka Univ., Dec. 1999.
    ps file (9.3Mb), pdf file (1.1Mb)
  27. "Observation of Direct CP Violation in KS,L->pi pi Decays"
    by Peter S. Shawhan, Univ. of Chicago, Sep. 1999.
    ps file (2.6Mb)
  28. "First Observation of the Rare Decay KL->pi0e+e-gamma"
    by Greg Graham, Univ. of Chicago, August 1999.
    ps file (8.1Mb)
  29. "Observation and Branching Fraction of Cascade0 ->Sigma+e-nue-bar at KTeV/E799-II, Fermilab"
    by Ashkan Alavi-Harati, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, April 1999.
    ps file (35.6Mb!) shorter ps file (8Mb) without huge SDAQ pictures
  30. "Search for the Decay KL ->pi0 mu+ mu-"
    by Masayoshi Sadamoto, Osaka Univ., February 1999.
    ps file (3.3Mb)
  31. "A Measurement of the Branching Ratio of pi0->e+e- Using KL->3pi0 Decays in Flight"
    by Eric Zimmerman, Univ. of Chicago, March 1999.
    ps file (6.5Mb) pdf file (4.6Mb)
  32. "Search for the Decay KL->pi0 nu nu-bar"
    by Kazunori Hanagaki, Osaka Univ., August 24, 1998.
    ps file (6Mb) pdf file (11Mb)

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