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Updated Nov. 11, 2011.

List of submitted papers

List of published papers

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Related papers by some of our collaboratos

  1. " Testing the CKM Model with Kaon Experiments",
    E. Blucher, B. Winstein and T. Yamanaka,
    Prog. Theo. Phys. 122, 81-101 (2009)
    PTP abstract, local copy
  2. " Semileptonic Hyperon Decays and Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Unitarity",
    N. Cabibbo, E.C. Swallow and R. Winston,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 251803 (2004)
    PRL abstract, hep-ph/0307214
  3. " Semileptonic Hyperon Decays",
    N. Cabibbo, E.C.Swallow, and R. Winston,
    Ann. Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 53, 39 (2003)
  4. " Effective Hamiltonian Approach to Hyperon Beta Decay with Final-State Baryon Polarization",
    S.Bright, R.Winston, E.C.Swallow, A.Alvi-Harati,
    Phys. Rev. D. 60, 117505 (1999)
    PRD abstract hep-ph/9907379 (7/15/99).
  5. " Use of the KL->3 pi0 decay as a tagged photon source to measure material thickness in a neutral kaon beam",
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. A 426, 229 (1999).
  6. " A low cost, 400G 18" (45.7cm) gap C-magnet using permanent magnet technology",
    R.Ford, et al.,
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. A 426, 238 (1999).
  7. " The KTeV hardware cluster counter",
    C.Bown et al.,
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. A 369, 248 (1996).
  8. " Beam test of a prototype CsI calorimeter",
    R.S.Kessler et al.,
    Nucl. Inst. Meth. A 368, 653-665 (1996).
    (PS, 0.7MB)
  9. " Determining the Phase of a Strong Scattering Amplitude from Its Momentum Dependence to Better Than 1deg: The Example of Kaon Regeneration",
    R.A.Briere and B.Winstein,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 75, 402-405 (1995).
    PRL abstract, Erratum, Reply to Kleinknecht

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