Computing in KTeV

There are two computing clusters for KTeV, one for online use and one for offline use.

The online cluster is located at KTeV Hall and consists of the following machines:

The SGI Challenges are used for filtering data online (the level 3 trigger) during data taking and should NOT be used for personal computing without permission. The SGI Indy's are used for the slow DAQ and for software control of the trigger and other experimental configurations.

The system administrator for the ktev online cluster is Etta Burns.

The offline cluster is located on the first floor of the Feynman Center, and consists of the following machines:

The kpasa cluster is the KTeV offline analysis cluster. Usually E832 analysis is done on kpasa and E799 on ksera. klik and klak are new additions and also available for use. The systems are managed by the KTeV offline computing group which meets each Tuesday morning at 10:00 am in WH13W or by phone. The KTeV/CD server meeting is held every second Wednesday at 10:30 am in FCC3.

The new RAID arrays have been purchased and the first unit is in test on KLAK. KLAK will remain in test mode until these test are complete. Please contact the current KTeV offline contact if you have questions.

System administration issues for the ktev offline cluster should be addressed to ktevoff-admin.

How to get an account on KTeV machines

Anyone doing KTeV analysis tasks can get an account on the KTeV offline cluster. In order to get an account on the KTeV online cluster, you have to convince someone that you are writing online code and can only do it on the online cluster. This could be difficult.

The first step in getting an account is getting a Fermilab UNIX computing ID number, a UID. This is not a Fermilab ID. If you already have an account on a Fermilab UNIX machine (i.e. fnalu, cdfsga, etc.) then you have a UID and you don't need to get one. If you don't have a UID, then fill in this form . Near the bottom of the form, choose UID only.

Once you are assigned a UID (or if you already have one) then email to request the account.